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2024 Planned Litters

We are making some tentative plans for our 2024 litters!!  We plan on only 4-5 litters again in 2024, with our focus being on Spring, Summer, and Fall puppies. 

Our mommas will include a few of our second time mommas, and a few new mommas. We are hoping for pups from Joules and Latte again, and will be adding in our gorgeous Olivia and our phantom gal Naomi. Our wonderful Keltie may also be added in here somewhere but she is tough to predict based on very long times between cycles.

Neilly's Joules


Pine Lodge's You're My Boy Blue

~April 18, 2024


Joules is our little chocolate phantom gal that will be having her retirement litter in 2024. Who better to pair her with than this exceptionally handsome black phantom fellow from our friends at Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles in BC.  Blue has gorgeous white markings, soft wavy fleece, and has the sweetest and most gentle spirit. We are thrilled that she has blessed us with 7 gorgeous babies! Joules is our smallest momma, but we expect they should be 20-30 lbs with wavy fleece coats and hearts of gold! Stay tuned to our Facebook page to see updates!

1 spot left!

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Latte and Shade

We expect another fantastic litter (just like our U Crew last summer) from our Apricot/white miss Latte and her beau Shade (Moonlit Acres Valentino). She carries parti so we should see some adorable apricot parti kids, as well as some solids with white markings! Her pups should be 25-35 lbs as adults, have fabulous wavy coats (Latte has the BEST hair!!!), and also be little fun furballs. Latte loves to play and should pass that onto her kids!!!

Neilly's Olivia


Puppy Patch Harvest Griffin

~April-May 2024


Olivia is our dark chocolate/white gal that carries phantom  and possibly parti. She has a slight bit more curl than our other mommas, is a touch bigger (28 lbs) and is just a player! She loves to play with both her furry and human family! Thanks to Annette at Puppy Patch Labradoodles for allowing us to use her adorable Griffin as the daddy!! He is a mini at 21 lbs, with gorgeous caramel fleece with white markings. He carries both parti and phantom, so we expect some GORGEOUS puppies from these two. Griffin also carries the rufus gene, which means his color grows darker with time! We expect babies to have gorgeous coats with lots of wave, and be about 20-35 lbs. If they are like their momma, they will be super fun!!! Stay tuned to our Facebook Page to see who the lucky fellow is!

Accepting Reservations


Naomi and Shade

Naomi is our black phantom gal and will be a first time momma. We may breed Naomi with Shade for her first litter, so should have some sweeties in black or apricot, hopefully with white markings. As an alternative, we are considering searching out a handsome phantom fellow if we can find one, in which case we would have all phantom puppies. We are hoping she carries parti - we will have to see what precious babies we get! Naomi weighs in at ~25 lbs, so pups should be 25-40 lbs with wavy fleece and outstanding temperaments.

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