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Neilly Labradoodles
Neilly Labradoodles

About Us


Hi - we are Les and Marie Stuckel, of Strathmore, AB. Our love of labradoodles began with a love of a white Labrador Retriever named MacKinley - our daughters sweetheart! We got her before my daughter left home and we all fell in love with her, but oh the hair!!! Being allergic to pet dander, I knew that once she moved out, I wanted a dog that had all the great qualities of MacKinley without the shedding. My sister suggested a Labradoodle, and I must say, when I first looked I thought 'no, I don't want a poodle...'  After a bit more prompting, I started to really research the breed and found some gorgeous labradoodles right here in western Canada. With the prospect of retirement not so far off in the future, my husband and I decided to take what we love and create a small home based business, and so, Neilly Labradoodles began.

We waited 6 months to get our first breeding girl Gracie, and she is so worth the wait! Adorable, sweet, quiet yet playful, and a total cuddle bug! Our focus was excellent health along with exceptional temperament because we wanted our puppies to be top quality and bring their new families years of joy! I was truly impressed with many aspects of the Labradoodle community - the quest for learning every aspect of the breed and how to raise exceptional puppies, the extensive health testing that the reputable breeders required, the concept of guardian homes (all breeding stock have a forever family and don't live in a wire cage for their breeding career only to be sold as older 'retired' breeders) - these were all aspects of dog breeding which I knew I wanted to follow.


We have been blessed to have an excellent mentor and a wonderful doodle community to answer all our 'silly' questions. We are so grateful to have the occasional help and support of our daughters and grandbabies, that help out with pup care when we need it, and offer lots of cuddling and socialization when they come to visit. I am now a huge fan of the Avidog programs, and as a certified Avidog Associate Breeder, try to raise our puppies using evidence based science to optimize their learning capacity and be the best they can be! I feel I have embarked on a path rich with learning opportunities and will strive to better the breed I love! It truly is an exciting new chapter for our family!

We are thrilled to be on this journey and hope to bring many happy, adorable puppies to many loving families. 

Les and Marie Stuckel

Neilly Labradoodles
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