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Puppy Purchase Process


  • Check for available and upcoming litters on our website. Once you have identified the litter you would like to be a candidate for, email for the puppy application and let us know what exactly you are hoping for! If you are hoping to have us ship the puppy to you, please indicate that on your questionnaire.

  • Once application is approved, we ask for a non refundable $500 reservation fee to hold you spot on the selected litter. This will be applied to your total puppy purchase price. We reserve up to 5 spots per litter, and typical litter size is 5-7 pups. Should the breeding not produce a litter, the reservation fee is refunded or transferred to an alternate upcoming litter.

  • If the litter is fully reserved pending puppy count, you can email us to get on our standby list. Once pups arrive, we can reach out to our standby families to offer them our extra pups before we post them as available on our social media platforms. Reservation fee is required once you accept your spot on the litter.



When puppies are born, we will email all families on the litter list to let them know their sweet fur babies have arrived. If we have extras, we will reach out to our standby families to see who is interested, and then will post to our facebook page with any remaining availability.



  • At 5 wks, if you are hoping to ship your furbaby to your location, arrangements for this need to be finalized so we can ensure your puppy can get to you in a timely manner. Book flights, travel time, etc if you are doing the travelling, or we will work with you to ensure appropriate arrangements are made if we are bringing the puppy to you

  • At 5-6 wks we will invite you to come meet the puppies and their parents. Here you can see which puppy tugs at your heartstrings and get to know us, as we get to know you a little better. We can also offer facetime visits in lieu of in-person visits for those that reside outside our area, or those that can not make the in-person visits.

  • At 7 wks of age puppies will go for their vet check, vaccinations, microchip, and deworming. At this time we will know what we are keeping for our breeder hold backs and what pups will be available to pet homes. We complete the puppies' temperament testing to ensure we match the puppy with the family, lifestyle, and environment it will be going to. Emails will be sent out notifying you of which fur babies we feel match your family best. If more than one pup is a match, we will allow you to choose your fur baby according to your 'spot' on our wait list.

  • Once you know which pup is your forever fur baby, payment of the remaining purchase price of is due ($2440).  Due to issues in the past, if payment is not forwarded at this time, your spot on the litter will be considered declined and the pup will be offered to the next family on our waitlist.



Its time to pick up your fur baby! Please be available for pick up on their 8 wk birthday. In special situations, we can accommodate alternate pick up days, however we do prefer all pups go home on their 8 wk birthday. If you are able, we strongly recommend taking time off from work once puppy comes home, so you can focus on training and developing a bond with your fur baby! Sign up for puppy socialization classes and have some fun getting to know this crazy little furball!!!


To apply for a spot on an upcoming litter, please contact us via email using the form below, and we will forward the puppy application! Ask us about our guardian home program!

**Please don't ask us to put you on our list if color/pattern/gender are your only concerns. If that is your focus, we are not the breeder for you. Our first criteria in placement is TEMPERAMENT and how well the pup will blend with their humans. Once we know that criteria is met, we of course give our families the chance to 'pick' from what is available that 'matches' their lifestyle. Order of selection is as per your spot on the waitlist. As well, if you expect to leave your pup home alone all day, 5 days a week, we are not likely the breeder for you**

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