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We at Neilly Labradoodles LOVE our dogs! We do not want our breeding dogs to bounce through life going from our program/home, only to be sold as 'retired' breeding stock, or sold to another program once they are nolonger producing pups for us. We want them to be first and foremost beloved pets with forever families, right from the start at 8 weeks old! We believe the best way to achieve this is to partner with Guardian families.


These families are integral to our program, raising our breeding quality pups in their home, meeting their daily emotional, training, and physical needs. We health test the pups once they approach their first birthday, and if they pass, they become part of our breeding program. The girls would be expected to have 3 litters, so would need to be with us for health testing, breeding, and whelping of their pups. At all other times, they live with their guardian family. Male dogs would be expected to be made available from time to time, to 'date' our gals. Their commitment would end by 4-5 yrs of age. Obviously, dogs must all be available on short notice and be located close to our home. Ownership of the dog remains with Neilly Labradoodles until the breeding obligation has been completed, and once retired from breeding, is then transferred to their Guardian family. 


We place our breeding quality puppies in forever homes with approved families in Calgary, AB area.  The typical fee of purchasing the pup is waived, and the cost to the Guardian Family is limited to that of raising and keeping the pup healthy and happy. All reproductive costs are covered by Neilly Labradoodles during the Guardian contract period. These dogs are an incredible asset to our program and we want them to have the best lives possible while also bringing forth the next generation of adorable doodles! 

To be considered for the guardian program, you must

  • Prior dog ownership/training experience required

  • Own your home

  • Have a fully fenced yard

  • Ensure that your puppy is well socialized

  • Provide all routine and as needed vet care

  • Provide regular grooming as per Neilly requirements

  • Provide high quality dog food

  • Live within ~1 hour of our location (Strathmore AB)

  • Must not own any other intact dogs for the duration of the guardian contract, unless of the same sex

  • Provide a safe secure environment

  • Prefer no children under the age of 3

  • Must be willing to attend puppy socialization and obedience classes, and to seek out a trainer should any issues develop

  • Preference given to those homes where pup will not be 'home alone' for the majority of their days


Pup available November 8, 2023!

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