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Puppy Care and Training

Please visit our WALA site for lots of helpful info on becoming a puppy parent! Your puppy is WALA registered and we are very proud to belong to such a supportive breed organization!!



As a pet owner, I would be remiss if I didn't warn all those that buy puppies that they are a handful! They are cute and cuddly, but they need constant supervision, training, reinforcement, and love. If you can't make that committment, consider an older rehomed or rescued pet. If you do make that committment but find yourself struggling to cope, please reach out to a trainer. Take your new pups to socialization classes, sign up for obedience classes, seek out a trainer. What puppies learn first they learn best, so ensure those early lessons and learning opportunities are optimized so you will have success going forward! These dogs are just so fabulous, and every pup deserves the best you can offer them. If you prefer online training, we are happy to recommend Baxter & Bella, The Online Puppy School. If you prefer in person, there are many reputable trainers in our area and we would be happy to assist in locating those closest to your home.

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