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IWe breed Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, which means the original cross between the poodle and labrador retriever happened many generations back. This gives us greater consistency in the look, hair, personality, etc of this cross breed. Along the way a few other breeds may have been added, such as the cocker spaniel, creating what you see today as the Australian Labradoodle. Because each breeder selects their breeding stock for specific health, temperament, and look, you may see quite an array of different builds, colors, hair types, etc. We at Neilly Labradoodles are hoping to breed toward various colored pups, some with white mismarks, nice wavy fleece, and excellent health and temperament. Our goal in size is mini to small medium size, which we hope should have most of our fur babies in the 25-35 lb weight range when full grown.



Although many will claim that Labradoodles are hypo-allergenic and won't shed, this is perhaps a bit more true of the multigenerational pups than of perhaps an F1 litter. If you are allergic to dogs, you are reacting to the protein of the dog, which is found in their hair, urine, saliva, and dander. Although the doodle may not shed much, you may still find you react to their kisses and their dander. I myself am allergic to dogs, but I take many steps to limit my exposure to the allergens that trigger my asthma, and can happily and comfortably coexist with my fur babies.


In terms of shedding, all dogs shed just as all humans shed. It is the amount of shedding that is much less than other breeds. Just as I find stray hairs on my shower floor every morning from my hair, I also find a little puff of doodle hair here and there... but still nothing compared to our daughter's beloved lab, MacKinley. Now that dog SHEDS!!! Daily brushing and regular bathing and grooming can limit the amount of stray fluff you may notice here and there.

I have attached a few links from both the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association as well as the Australian Labradoodle Association of America websites to give you more information on this wonderful breed as well as tips on care.

Before you commit to bringing a Labradoodle into your family, I encourage you to do some research and ensure that this is the breed you are looking for. We want all our pups to go to families that will love them for life, and enjoy every aspect of pet ownership, (or at least be prepared for any oopsies along the way!!). These gorgeous canine friends need training, routine coat care (which includes daily brushing, grooming every 6-8 weeks), nails trims, and ear maintenance.

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